By Debra G. Erikz

About this book

Omo had fantasized about how she would look and act when she finally ran into Lawal; her ex who thought it decent enough to end their budding romance abruptly through a not so much acceptable medium. Little did she know that Life had other plans for her in that regard. Looking exasperated and disheveled was certainly not what she had in mind as a “your loss” look. ‘Thank You Life for yet another humiliating experience’ ‘I don’t want her. She is not good for me. I have other demanding responsibilities! I couldn’t…..I shouldn’t…..I…...I can’t leave her’. In the midst of Lawal’s dilemma, a ‘purification’ is ongoing in Omo’s niche. This could be the works of the money mongers, just that it isn’t. It is for a very much greater cause! ‘A woman should never tempt a man!’ -A Nigerian Serial Thriller. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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