forever destiny
By Emem Bassey

About this book

What do you call a blind date that isn't so blind? Tess Ekanem is shocked to come face to face with a past she had tried and so far, had succeeded to forget and avoid. All the mostly forgotten feelings of hurt and betrayal came hurtling back into her heart and she channeled it into a slap that stunned her blind date. Jeff Enang isn't a stranger to slaps but it usually came from women he could recognize not from a beautiful, chubby strange woman - his blind date. He should have been angry but all he wanted was to know her more. Thoughts of her made him want to dine with the devil if only to find her but that never happened. Instead, his child gets kidnapped and he's faced with the realization that his blind date could, possibly, be the mother of his daughter. Forever Destiny tells a story of what's yours is yours. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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