forever there for you
By Chioma Nnani

About this book

How does a daddy's girl from Nigeria, who's never been in a toxic relationship in her life, end up with an abusive husband in the UK? The only child of a wealthy entrepreneur and a celebrity event planner, Nadine knows what it is to be ride or die. But she's also a Type A personality who's been homesick, survived sleep deprivation, learned to tolerate English weather and British food, battled loneliness despite close friends, noticed her shedding hair, and managed to dip her toe in student life - ever since she started studying Law in the UK as an international student. Convinced she's found her soulmate when she starts dating, Nadine hopes for a love marriage and a happy ending. But Nadine's dad isn't particularly looking forward to a father-and-daughter dance at what he's afraid might be an interracial marriage ceremony for her. When unexpected events trigger a life change for Nadine, she feels her best bet is to reconsider her options without rose-coloured glasses. Meanwhile, her closest friend, Stella believes Nadine is having a quarter life crisis. Will the loyalty of a perfectionist to those who aren't there when she needs them the most, turn Nadine into a domestic violence statistic? Or will Battered Woman Syndrome cause her to self-destruct in a foreign land, where the weight of generational differences she has carried with her, makes her feel alone? Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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