frienship amongst teenagers with tips for mum and dad

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Are you alarmed by the sudden bulge on the chest of your little girl? Are u already bothered about the kinds of question your 12 or 13 year old is asking? Is your teenager already telling you about someone of the opposite sex she likes or likes to hang around with in school, church, home, etc? Is your teenager already indulged in boy/girl friend relationship? Is your teenager easily interested in sexual matters? If your answer to any of these questions is "yes" then you need this book. It's crafted to provide solutions to even wider range of issues associated with teenage hood. When he was growing up as a young Christian, he had four friends-two males and two females but unknown to him they would provide a shield for him against the bandwagon of those days, having a boy/girl-friend, a river that drowned several teens of his days. In this book, he tells the benefits of having and keeping friends in a group (made up of male and female teenagers) known as peer friendship/dating and the dangers of single-date (known as boy/girlfriend) from his own experience. As a teenager, you will also learn the secrets of why you feel and act the way you do and master your emotions; empowering you against the odds-right into your destiny. It addresses: 1. Friendship and Adolescence 2. The dangers of boy/girlfriend relationships 3. How to say no/how to deal with incest 4. Peer pressure 5. Peer friendship/dating 6. Dealing with lust 7. Emotions 8. Tips for Mum and Dad Aside all this, what makes this book even more special are the key information for parents as they navigate the murky waters of teenage world. This will by and large lead to a win-win situation where teenagers grow into responsible adults while parents age gracefully. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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