from college dropout to corporate sellout preview
By Steve Harris

About this book

As you can tell from the title, this book is about how a two-time College Dropout became a Corporate Sellout; all in five years. It’s my life story and it’s all true. Don’t get me wrong, the title doesn’t suggest that dropping out of school guarantees success. Far from it. Our streets are full of those who never ‘dropped in’, those who ‘dropped out’, those who ‘went to college’ and several ‘academic achievers’, who after several years haven’t been able to get meaningful employment or make a success out of their lives. This book is my own little way of getting you to become more introspective; to look inwards at what you have. Everyone has ‘dropped out’ in one area of life or the other. Perhaps you’ve dropped out in your finances, academics or relationships; you need to look beyond your present circumstances to see the ‘sellout’ in you. Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Why would you want to spill the beans on your life’s challenges and struggles?” “Aren’t you embarrassed?” “What would people think?” I know. I hear you. But I guess somewhere in my mind and through my experience in sharing what’s become my “test”-imony, I’ve seen countless thousands become inspired and motivated to take a chance on themselves and become the best of themselves. That’s what I hope will happen to you too as you flip through these pages. If that’s your decision at the end of the day, then it would have been worth it. Everyone is born with some form of “disability” or the other. Your disability might be physical, emotional or financial. It could even be as a result of being born ‘on the wrong side of the tracks’. Now, while I don’t make light of your struggles or life’s challenges, the time comes when you’ve got to put your foot down and decide to diss or disregard your disability. Are you going to make excuses for what life should have given you but didn’t or will you decide not to take NO for an answer and grab life by the throat until it answers to you? You decide. As a wise man once said; “it’s not what you don’t have that limits you, it’s what you have, but don’t know how to use”. I’m here to help you discover what you have and help you use it to your advantage. Let’s go. Your journey to fulfillment starts NOW! Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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