from the shadows: a journey of self-discovery and renewal
By Elizabeth Onyeabor

About this book

Offering hope and healing, Elizabeth invites you to witness her inspirational transformation from suicidal despair to habitual happiness, sprinkling each step with soul-stirring original poetry and journal excerpts. For decades, she hid her chronic depression from everyone, including herself, until hitting a crisis point. She seemed successful and happy to all, except her closest confidantes; they knew the anguish she wished to end by killing herself. Through self-exploration, she found a pathway to conquer the pain. In From the Shadows, she shares the questions she confronted, unearths her root causes, and presents a map out of the mire. Finally, she unlocks inner wealth by facing phantoms holding long forgotten keys to her past. Joining in her journey, you may uncover a few treasures of your own. Whirlpool of pain, despair I share. For your own gain, I bring you there. ​ Sucked me down, but will lift you up-- The gifts uncovered, when unstuck. ​ Maelstrom drew me time and again; Me, myself, and I weren't as friend. ​ A shadow plagued my destiny, Before sunlit divinity. ​ Hear my story, treasure I found. As it unfolds, soul almost drowned. ​ Reveal my grief, the guilt and shame, unwinding as I blend my name. ​ Listen as I share of rebirth-- meaning and passion's soulful mirth. ​ Lure you in then lighten your load; A wealth inside worth more than gold. ​ Precious self-love and purpose too. Join in this journey to renew. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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