future governance: the internet, vulnerability, social change, an
By Okey Uzoechina

About this book

In our brave new world of ultra-high-speed, seamless interconnectivity of bandwidth, ideas, peoples, finance, resources, goods and services, nearly anything is possible in cyberspace. Processes of government and governance are not spared in the global centripetal move towards digitization and the Internet of Things. Recent events in the Nigerian public space irrefutably point to the fact that the cyber-enabled surge in citizen consciousness and explosion of virtual spaces for engagement inspire and incite needed change by making increasing demands on transparency, accountability, responsiveness, efficiency and effectiveness. Governments the world over are adapting by creating structured and digitized channels for engaging with citizens, state and non-state entities in a participatory manner. This book is divided into two parts. Part I focuses on the future of e-Governance in Nigeria. It maps likely future scenarios of social change in the next 15-30 years (2033-2048) indicating the factors that combine to drive social change and what needs to be done now to prepare for the future. Part II focuses on the security of cyberspace and vulnerability of the systems that undergird e-Governance. Arguing that cyber governance, cybersecurity and data protection will become indispensable in the future, it shines a light on the endemic nature of cyber vulnerability and explores the meeting point of cybersecurity and data protection. It further presents a scorecard on cyber vulnerability and proffers policy options and recommendations to stakeholders including the citizen sector, the private sector, the public sector, national planners, policymakers and practitioners. Free PDF copy available online! Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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