go for it
By C.D. Iyke

About this book

Is timing really everything? There is literally only one way for Tomi and Emeka to find out... From the indifference that characterized their first acquaintanceship, Emeka and Tomi have come a long way as friends. There is no question in Emeka’s mind that he wants more, but the timing is completely wrong. He has to go abroad for at least a couple of years. And honestly, Tomi has too much going on in her own life, it seems, to be interested in any type of relationship, let alone a long distance one. The right woman at the wrong time. Does that make her the wrong woman? Emeka has proven to Tomi that he is a trustworthy friend, and while she’s had a daydream or two envisioning them growing closer in a committed relationship, her regular waking thoughts are fully occupied. Her family demands more attention from her now than ever before, and she is also on a mission to advance in her career. Tomi and Emeka are both on unique journeys, learning in new ways what it means to trust God. An unexpected, world-shattering event highlights the intricacies of their complicated friendship and forces them to ask tough questions about where their priorities lie. The way that they choose to answer these questions will determine what the future holds for Tomi and Emeka. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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