god's 'wonder bank' - adult only (18+)
By Remi Oluyale

About this book

Should we know the truth or do we continue in error? How come that we have scams, fraud, immorality and plain deceit in the Church today? How did we get here? What is really going on? Many are already done with Church attendance. They now prefer to sit at home without having anything to do with Church again. For many, the hurt is deep. They are offended and have returned to their old ways. Some now prefer to fellowship alone with God through the electronic media. This is something that breaks the heart of God. Are we truly making disciples of all nations or scaring people away from the kingdom of God? This book is written primarily for offended believers and for every Christian to know the truth about the excesses of the financial prosperity gospel. In this book, you will learn.... • The principles and ideologies of ponzi schemes. • The tricks, schemes and deceit of the money gospel. • The correct interpretation of some Bible passages that are usually twisted to suit the financial prosperity message. • How to give offerings in Church. • How not to give offerings in Church. • How to know when a church or church leader is drifting away from following Christ. • Why you need a church and how to choose a Church. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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