good morning year 11
By Christiana Njoku

About this book

Christiana dreamed of British teenagers behaving like the British monarchy. Instead, she got sass, slammed doors and sloppy speech. Would this African Princess survive her first year of teaching? Can African teachers discipline children while sparing the rod? Welcome to the life of a Nigerian teacher in a British classroom. Immigrating is challenging enough. You are suddenly the minority; you used to be the majority. Building a career is now challenging. Combined with not being free to be fully African, you will understand why there are so few ethnic minority teachers. Curated over the years, this book will make you laugh at what can happen in the ever changing classroom environment, showing you can build and enjoy your career in a foreign country while retaining the essence of your culture. These classroom stories will remind you of times of laughter from your school days. As an African woman, Christiana has spent the last five years teaching Maths to 11 to 16-year olds in a Northern England school, with varying degrees of patience. She has had many hilarious exchanges with her students that have made this time unforgettable, some of which she shares in Good Morning Year 11. From tantrums to talkbacks, near misses to half-brained excuses, this book gives you front row view of the secret episodes of everyday classroom drama through the eyes of an African immigrant. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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