government pikin: an anthology of nysc travels vol i
By Sanusi Anselm & Sami Tunji

About this book

This anthology, comprising narrative nonfiction, interviews and photographs of the NYSC service year by young graduates, attest to the literary merits of Nigerian writers. The prose of the contributors is deeply rooted in Nigerian experiences and flavours. What we have here in this collection then is a record of these pieces of movement: dozens of young Nigerians making the first incursions into a new space, through this particular program, and discovering more than just the new places and the stories it brought, but parts of themselves. There are not many of these stories that get set down, but which older Nigerians will continue to tell their descendants at home as part of their coming into adulthood. There is value in that, as much as there is in this printed account from these contemporrary writers. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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