happy clark: prose & poems
By Chronicler

About this book

Reviews: Happyclark is a perfect rhetoric. Happyclark is a subtle play on words, it captures and strings subtle themes into one grandiose thing called poetry. Happyclark is submitting as well as a revolting piece of poetry. Happyclark is rivetingly unique. It takes a god eye view of perspective. Happyclark is prose poetry done with an entrancing voice. Happyclark is everyday life of a one-sided lover There are no replies to the one thousands questions asked, expect a reply in two. Happyclark challenges the mind of a reader who becomes an observer as each chapter unfolds. Happyclark is a concept of parallel conversation, set into poetic language. There's a back and forth unending conversation and it has a way it trills the reader. about the author chronicler is a new generation African poet, very curious and really shaking up poetic space through his out of the box approach to poetry. His poems have been appraised on several platforms as blunt, highly poetic and mysterious. He believes the passing grade for poetry is when it pulls the reader into the poet's world. To him, the poet is “a guide”  holding a torch for the reader's soul and this is achieved through spellbound narratives and heightened imagery. For leisure, he enjoys a view of starry nights, and following up on trending world news, as well as checking on his online friends. You can assess his other works via: if you find him on this platforms, please drop a “hi” if you want to invite him to your open mic, send a mail to: Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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