help from all sides
By Benjamin Beckley

About this book

To be helpless is to be hopeless; and to be hopeless is to be cheaply frustrated. Help is an inevitable element in the journey of life. The absence of it gives room to shame, reproach, unnecessary delay, and many times it could lead to destruction. Help is an active force; it is a shame terminator and destiny transformer. When it is at work, it certainly turns situations around and aids timely accomplishments. Without help, the journey of life becomes a burden rather than a blessing. Without help, accomplishments become unattainable, progress become stunted and destinies become grounded. This book is a divinely inspired revelational insight on the mystery of help as an active force for prevailing over life situations and how to be positioned for connecting with help from all sides that is potent enough to generate proofs and results. Discover in this book, what help is all about, the purpose of help, and revelations on the barriers to help as well as how to defeat them. Additionally, connect with a spirit-filled and life changing prayer outline with scriptural revelations and prayer points ordained to generate testimonies and serve as a platform for activating the potent force of help from all sides in your life. This book contains over 120 Prayer points with relevant scriptures to launch you into the realms of attracting undeniable help from all sides. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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