hey girl! amazing secret to making the most of your teenage years
By Grace U. Anighoro

About this book

A Self-Development Guidebook for Young Adults Life is a gift! Life is an opportunity. Growing up as a young person can be challenging. But you don’t have to build your life on memories of pain and regret. Your time as a teenager and young adult can be used effectively to lay a strong foundation for your life as you grow into adulthood. You are not too young to take responsibility for your life. You can create the YOU that makes you proud. In this book we will: ●Help you understand why your years as a teenager and young adult are important ●Show you how you can create your identity ●Help you understand the importance of having dreams and pursuing them ●Help you understand the importance of forming the right associations ●Teach you how to be confident and stand out in your difference This book educates and empowers young girls and women to embrace their uniqueness and reach their potential. It provides girls with the knowledge they need in their journey to adulthood. My sincere wish is that no girl should be ignorant. When equipped with the information and life skills found in this book, girls everywhere will grow into strong, self-sufficient women who are resilient in the face of life challenges. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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