higher logical maths
By Prince Tanaka XI

About this book

Introducing Higher Logical Maths, maths logically re-envisioned. Comparison: Normal Maths vs Higher Logical Maths Multiplication: What is 1*1? N.M: ● 1*1 = 1 H.L.M: ● First let’s define multiplication. To multiply is to double add. Therefore we cannot add things which do not exist like numbers. Numbers are placeholders for the quantity of entities and they need entities for them to make logical sense. We cannot multiply “1*1”, because there’s no such thing as “1” in nature, we cannot touch it neither can we see it, but rather for us to make it logical. The number “1” has to be accompanied by an entity in nature which actually exists. ● So in H.L.M we have to reword the question to, What is 1 banana multiplied once? Answer = 1 banana [original entity] *2 [double count principle] *1 [multiplier] + 1 banana [original entity] = 3 bananas. ● The reason why our answer is 3 bananas, is because to multiply means to add 2 more versions/copies of the original entity [in our case bananas]. So if we have 1 banana [original entity] and we add/produce 2 more bananas, because our multiplier [1], told us to only add/produce 1 bunch/group of bananas hence our answer is 3 bananas, because 1 banana [original entity] + 2 more bananas [the copies/fakes] = 3 bananas. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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