hit them dead - adults only (18+)
By Mancrimes

About this book

Set in the millionaire's playground of Miami City , three very different people , a wealthy billionaire , a professional killer , and a beautiful seductress , all became entangled in a game of selfishness , greediness , lust , sadistic lovemaking and finally death. CHARACTERS INFO ! # TAYLOR ICE WALTER ; A greedy billionaire who was ready to do anything to get his hands on the will of the members of his syndicate. # HUNTER " MAGNUM " LENNY ; He's the best pistol shot in Miami city. This man could kill ten while they were still screwing around with their guns. A born killer who was at the beck and call of Taylor. # VALERIE BLANC ; A beautiful woman whose sensuality was as red as hot stove and whose sexual appetite could lead any man to come to a bad end. This was the woman Taylor selfishly planned to use to get Hunter. This is one of the best romantic thriller written by Ade Spades a.k.a Mancrimes. If you want to know more about relationships especially the aspects of Love and Trusts , this novel is strictly for you. Erotic Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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