hot chase ~ a bwwm sweet & steamy romance
By Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku

About this book

~ A Flirty & Feisty Romance Novel: Love for Real ~ Tiara Williams is a damn good therapist from whichever side you look at it. But she’s not a manipulator. That’s what the too-damn-sexy, take-me-or-leave-me guy faults her on—of hypnotizing his mind. She might as well steal his peace of mind if he does not stop and allow her get back to helping others recover their sanity. After all, doing what she does best is a sure way to avoid facing the reality she’ll end up alone. Rather than with a man whose hands are soiled with blood. Hunter Chase will hurl the wildly crazy, sexy therapist who insists she’s not hypnotizing him off her feet until she confesses. Or he’ll press her to the floor, not to his bed just to steer her in the direction of crazy like she’s doing to him. Why has she taken over his mind, so he can’t even stop showing up at the freaking therapy sessions? Maybe it’s got to do with his tormented soul howling at him to tear down her walls, reach her soul, claim her curvy body and have at least six babies with her! But his hands aren’t clean and his heart isn’t pure. Bound by ethics, he’s forbidden to her. Will Hunter Chase go on a hot chase after a woman who’s stolen his sanity? ~ From the Author of Choose Me: A Sweet & Steamy Romance ~ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here’s a Snippet from Hot Chase: “Whatever you say to me in this office is confidential, Hunter.” “Bull shit!” He pushed back her chair so hard, it hit the bookshelf behind. “We both know what it takes to expose the secrets in your files, Tiara!” “That’s if you’ve committed a crime. Have you, Hunter?” “There are things best left unsaid.” “Then you shouldn’t be in my office for therapy. Why are you really here, Hunter Chase?” He grabbed the ball of her shoulders with long fingers, willing her to give him the answer he hoped for without sharing what burned inside of him. “You want to put your demons to rest, Hunter? Is that it?” “If I say I’ve heard things, seen things that’ll make your skin crawl, and done things that keep me awake at night, what will you do for me? Kiss me and make it all go away?” “I can’t cross that line—ever.” He abandoned his steaming coffee and reached her side before she could blink. Hunter poached her waist with one arm, pulled her hair back with the other and smacked her lips with his own. “I’ll refer you to my colleague. His name’s Trevor–” “Damn you and Trevor!” Grasping her wrists, he hurled her out of her chair and lifted her off her feet… She had no time to think as he pinned her against his steely frame like a magnet. The code of ethics etched in her memory dissolved like a mist on a sunny day. Naively, she had expected his body to exude ice. Instead, heat of volcanic magnitude scalded her lips and spread across her cleavage. The idea of struggling against him deserted her when his teeth nipped her bottom lip—hard. For one slow minute, she sobbed for his caresses not to stop, whether hard, or tender. His mouth moved over hers like he had paid top dollar for her kisses. In the heat of the moment, she could not deny him access to her body, or soul. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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