how a lady misses her right man
By Julius Diamond

About this book

* Are you a lady who is single and searching? * Are you scared of marrying the wrong man? * Do you want to know how to identify your right man? * Are you in a relationship, in the hope of marrying him? * Has the relationship lasted for too long without a sign that he will propose soon? * Do you want to know the probable reason/s why he is reluctant to propose to you? * Are you a decent lady who is waiting on God to give you the right man? * Have you waited for too long? * What would you do, if you know that you are the one delaying your blessing? *THIS BOOK IS THE BEST RECOMMENDATION FOR YOU. This book outlines many mistakes some ladies have made, and how those mistakes caused them to miss their right man, resulting to their every year single and searching condition. For young girls, this book reveals the actions and decisions you must not make right now that you are still young, vibrant, enchanting and has the opportunity to marry. This book reveals how you would identify your right man, as well as the wrong man. And what you must do to get married to the right man, at the right time. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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