how does god speak? understand your dreams.
By Arinola Araba

About this book

Have you noticed how we live in a fast-paced and instant world a belief in God seems to be losing its relevance? Do you also meet with people who constantly question the existence, validity and usefulness of belief in a supreme being? Have you ever wondered if God was real or if He ever spoke? Do you wonder whether He is interested in the affairs of men? I believe God is real. He is a loving Father with outstretched arms waiting and calling out for us to come back to Him. He desires us to come closer for a life-changing and purposeful relationship with Him. He is talking all the time. Maybe we just need to slow down, tune in and listen sometimes. I know there are times when it seems He’s gone frightfully quiet; even then, He’s still with us. At these times, He is gently encouraging us to trust in His ever-abiding presence. In this book, I share some of my own life experience and frustrating conversations to encourage you to see and explore how real God is. On so many occasions when He has spoken to me, my default behaviour has been to dismiss His voice and warnings. The more I slowed down and stopped to listen, the more I obeyed, and the more I did the clearer His voice seemed to me. Mark Virkler, founder of the Christian Leadership University has kindly added a chapter of his best selling book “4 Keys to Hearing Gods voice” to this book! Here is what Charity Kayembe who also teaches dream interpretation had to say: “ Thank you so much. You are a blessing! And I’m grateful that you are sharing the message that God speaks through dreams with others. May God’s blessing and anointing be upon you, your new book, and your entire ministry in Jesus’ name!” Understand your dreams. Hear God’s voice. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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