how laziness saved my life
By Okechukwu A Ofili

About this book

This book looks at the lazy business ideas that make businesses run better. It is a collection of mostly radical and alternative business ideas that streamline processes and make them simpler and better. On the surface they look lazy, radical and impossible to implement, but a closer look and you start to realize that they are indeed plausible solutions for managers and entrepreneurs to run their businesses better. Scattered all through are additional bonus tips ranging from Social Media to Entrepreneurship, all gathered through the author's 7+ years experience working at a Fortune 500 company and speaking to students and business owners across the globe about marketing. This is not your regular business book written by an MBA student and filled with dramatic case studies and business theories. Rather it is an accidental business book, filled with crazy and sometimes hilarious stories that often contain powerful and endearing business lessons. Each chapter is unique in itself. All in all, this book simplifies business by offering creative analogies that drive home the point. You might agree with the book and then again you might not, but what I guarantee you is that you will have a fun time making up your mind! Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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