how to become a genius through sex - adult only (18+)
By Soul'e Rhymez

About this book

How To Become A Genius Through Sex a blessing of a book that contains the best form of sex education anyone can ask for; it replaces the old, outdated and faulty sex education handed down to people, especially in the realm of religion with the very authentic and well-researched ones. It not only nullifies the century-long sex mysteries, which has kept billions of people in spiritual, psychological and physical bondage, it provides also unbeatable enlightenment concerning the subject of sex beyond sexual intercourse; it teaches how to become creative geniuses using the emotion of sex, instead of becoming criminals and outcasts through it. In the book, will be found deep insights on why many people become criminals instead of geniuses through sex, why people buy sex, sell sex, and also become sex addicts. It reveals the different types of sex addictions concerning which many people are ignorant, but suffers from; it contains also tips on how to overcome these addictions. The book provides tips on how to maximize one’s sexiness without becoming intentionally seductive, the type of sex attractions, their benefits, and how to get the best from them. It was concluded with tips on how to get the best from sexual intercourse; have a healthy sex life. The last chapter of the book also provides the best answer to the question of how God perceives sexual intercourse. The book took the author five years of several types of research, observations, and experience to begin and complete. It was written by Eneji Stephen Toluwalashe, the Nigerian author recognized by his staunchest followers as the world’s finest thinker. He proves with the book once again that the “world’s finest thinker” tag is merited. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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