how to do a money ritual that pleases god
By The Chief Priest

About this book

How To Do A Money Ritual That Pleases God is one of the many surprises that happen to people once in a while. This book is an invitation to an audacious venture into the mystery and magic of your life. There, you are made to understand and experience a natural power, a magical recipe that has always been yours but that has not been used. This book validates your right to riches and makes you reach out for it in an unusual way. You must be ready to cast aside all your doubts and inhibition to courageously perform the sacrifices spelled out within this book. Everyone is a ritualist but not everyone is pleasing God. In a world of shortcuts and deadly and criminal paths to riches, those who please God in their wealth are those who do a money ritual that pleases God. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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