how to raise kids without loosing it
By Pamela Evbota

About this book

Being a mother shouldn’t mean an end to evolving into who you are meant to be as a person; instead it propels you to your authentic self. Our lives are inundated with so much activities that we tend to forget for a spilt second the reason why we take risk daily; is not just so we can provide for our family physical needs. Our kids yearn for our attention, our hugs and for us to spend time with them. In this book you will learn why everyday of your life as a mother should bring you fun and never wave away any simple, sweet nothing chat from your kids. • Use every opportunity to nurture your kids, learn to be conscious of your role as a mother. • Remember to have some fun like a child as you go on the parenting journey. A child that is fearless and believes in the possibility of her dreams. • Your dreams can come true for you let nothing stop you but learn to keep the balance between fulfilling your dream and family life.

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