hubby and wifey checklist
By Ocholi & Julia Okutepa

About this book

There are questions we must ask in life before we hand the rest of our lives to an experience with someone else! Definitely, none of us wants to hand the rest of our entire lives to the ‘unknown’. We always want to have a clue to things and more so into mindset of a person who will have the awesome privilege to craft our life's experiences. Like a traveler, you are getting married to head somewhere. You do not board a plane to just any destination because you love the color of the aircraft; you board a plane or take a trip with the destination paramount in your mind! This book will therefore ask questions and make sure you think about some really serious questions that touch on the foundations of your future in marriage. We ask questions meant for him, her and both of you and guide your considerations where necessary. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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