husband material - preview
By Anietie Bature

About this book

Husband Material is a practical guide that allows you to define your path in the journey of finding true love. Regardless of your relationship status, you will find beneficial tips, counsel, strategies, and lessons from real life experiences nicely delivered with humour and entertainment in this book. As it explores the relationship process from start to finish in story telling style, Husband Material addresses the why, how, who, and when of the marriage quest, and provides answers to some of those tough relationship questions such as: • Must I get married? • What do I need to know before I get into a relationship? • Can my relationship work if we have different beliefs? • How do I know the right person? • What if no one approaches me? • How long should my relationship last before marriage? Husband Material also contains “common-sense portals” which offer so much value, almost as if you had your coach right there with you showing you the pitfalls and helping you avoid them. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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