if tomorrow never comes
By akin akinsode

About this book

When faced with a life-and-death situation that requires taking a split-second decision to put things right, the things one holds dear suddenly become of no consequence. For instance, it won’t matter at such time how much you have in your bank account. It wont matter the multimillion dollar contract you want to sign. Very important people as your loving spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, children, best friend, as well as your most important philosophy and religious convictions, will not come close to your mind at such a moment. Only one of two things will preoccupy you at such a critical time: “How do I get out of this place alive? Or, suppose the inevitable happens, what’s next after death?” AT SUCH A CRITICAL MOMENT, EVERY HUMAN BEING IS BROUGHT FACE-TO-FACE OR IS CONCERNED WITH JUST ONE THING: “MY SELF”! AND WE ARE EACH COMPELLED TO BE ABSOLUTELY TRUTHFUL TO “MY SELF!” Here then is the acid-test of integrity: Are you honest with yourself even to the point of injuring your long cherished opinions if they are found incorrect? Having this at the back of our mind, we can always boldly face any issue in life and certainly come out with only the right answer each time! Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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