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The loss of both her parents, even before she is old enough to speak, appears to pre-determine Ifechidere's life. She is made to toil from dusk to dawn. Yet, Ifechidere is no modern-day Cinderella, as she finds that faith in the will to survive, which is stronger than any absentee fairy godmother, will propel her to find herself. And it'll lead her to the thing that was always meant to be …
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  • Ubanese It is not a matter of indifference,i am pleased with his figures and employment, and it is the utmost importance that you should have had pleasure in contemplating the fortitude, independence,persevering spirit and the general moral dignity of ifechidere's character. A person reading the novel with feelings like mine will have been awed and controlled, respecting something spiritual or supernatural. The feeling of spirituality and supernaturalness is again referred to as being strong in my mind in the passage "I have gone round the nove, I saw and I spoke " The author Enechi Chinedu is a great writer, he uses good diction to reawake,communicate,express the meaning and understanding of Osu and Oru in Igbo, Africa Commities,affected in the character of Ifechidere

    Reply Jan 2, 2017 5:34:25 PM
  • FitzRichard FitzRichard: Ifechidere! The philosophical debate of Freedom and Determinism has been a long life conundrum. Typical issues of fate has once again popped up in a graphically well drafted story of Ifechidere by Chinedu Enechi. Individual freedom are constantly being sacrificed on the altar of medieval and redundant cultural practices like the Osu Caste system as exposed in Ifechidere. The question remains; should we surrender to fate or rise up and conquer. Meanwhile Quod Scripsi scripsi: What is written is written. Chinedu you are the best.

    Reply Dec 30, 2016 8:07:13 PM
  • Odera_Enechi_4631 Ifechidere which means What God has written.A very tragically story about an African girl child who is brought up by her foster parents.Ifechidere is a born survival,she passes through difficulties ; maltreatment in her foster parents home and she was also faced with the nightmare of unbelievable practice of some African communities called (Oru and Osu)system but despite all these challenges and difficulties she was still strong minded,forgiven and hopeful and she conquered.This great work by the author Chinedu Enechi pointed at some vital issues faced by African girl child.It also aim at educating some African communities that practice (Oru and Osu)system to stop sacrificing their children happiness for some unbelievable tradition that has no bases and significant that they can not even defend.

    Reply Dec 28, 2016 9:38:20 AM
  • C.j This story gives an insight towards understanding what happens in life and in real life situation. People should be mindful of their actions and behaviour towards others. One should not record any happening in life as a disappointment, but a way to improve on experience. Ifechidere suffered and later survive, as the title implies" what God has written will surely be. I appreciate the author'" Chinedu Enechi "and encourage every individual to buy this book.

    Reply Dec 28, 2016 9:34:26 AM
  • Liveth Hmmmm Super tragical yet very didactic story, gave me the irresistable urge to keep reading nonstop. At first i thought I was simply going through pages of a mere storyline, but in progression, I couldn't help but to picture the reality of it's events, made me wonder if it was truly fiction. Ifechidere is a born survival, strong minded and forgiving, she passes through the hard but was still hopeful and willing to struggle through it all no matter the pain, and as people say ' good things come to those who work for it and are willing to risk for it'. The book gives a strong and life situational story that Chinedu Enechi pointedly placed in the arms of readers who know the true meaning of appreciation.

    Reply Dec 24, 2016 9:56:08 AM