By Chinedu Enechi

About this book

How far can one's home life go to determine or scupper their destiny? When Ifechidere is tagged a child-witch by her aunt who's a nursery teacher, nobody speaks up for her. So, she has to make do with her daily routine that consists of chores and child abuse - with no fairy mother to rescue her. But after she collides with an unexpected opportunity, Ifechidere's first day at school turns out to be even more than she hoped for. A fairy godfather with a debt to pay, seems to be her one-way ticket out of the life of an abuse victim, and her passport into a world of new experiences. But when her marriage plans stall and she discovers the truth about her identity that's been hidden in plain sight all this time, will the moral support of close friends help Ifechidere hold her happily ever after? Pick up your copy of IFECHIDERE today Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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