By Chinedu Enechi

About this book

When Ifechidere loses both parents before the age of six, she has to live with her uncle, his wife and their two children in the village of Nimbo. Made to toil from dusk to dawn, Ifechidere learns how to deal with rejection from family. But fortitude, faith, Fate and a fairy godfather conspire to take Ifechidere to Enugu; a first step away from the clutches of her wicked aunt, Ogolo, who is struggling because she doesn’t know how to deal with disobedient child, Onukwube. Centred around an abuse victim determined to beat the odds, IFECHIDERE is a coming of age short story that can be used as a case study in family life education. Pick up your copy of IFECHIDERE today Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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