imminent river
By Anaele Ihuoma

About this book

1. Imminent River A DEATH-DEFYING CONTEST FOR A LIFE-RESTORING FORMULA… Far deeper than the story of a traditional healer and her feuding children’s search for her ‘life’ formula, ANAELE IHUOMA’s Imminent River seamlessly melds a delectably gorgeous love story into a historical family saga, one reminiscent of Alex Haley’s R-o-o-t-s, but in which the search is in the opposite direction, for the ‘shoots’ rather than ‘roots’. The result: an intricate build-up, a breath-taking denouement and a hair-raising resolution. This epic spans half a world – from the fetid swamps of West Africa, Europe and North America and Back. If bookshelves were anthills, they’d rise in standing ovation. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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