impossible is stupid
By Osayi Emokpae Lasisi

About this book

Do you think it's impossible for your life to be fabulous? Do you think it's impossible to beat loneliness and depression? Do you think it's impossible for a single woman to be satisfied with her life? Haven't you heard? IMPOSSIBLE is STUPID! --- Praise for IMPOSSIBLE is STUPID Impossible is Stupid, what a title for a truly inspirational piece. Reading through the draft copy of the book, amidst my busy schedule was a time well invested. The book is filled with nuggets of wisdom to fight loneliness and live a fabulous life. Impossible is Stupid, is a paradigm shift from conventional book writing. Osayi, I salute your courage in daring to write this book. Caution: Read only when you are ready to make real decisions about your life. - Segun Akiode Nuggets for Nobles Funny, down to earth, practical and illuminating, the book will not only get you thinking but also acting. Although written primarily for women, any man reading it will obtain many useful hints on enhancing their relationship with the woman in their life. - Ayo Adebamowo, UK Author of A Life of Impact Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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