In A King’s Quarters
Title: In A King’s Quarters
Author: Mallami Adekunle
Category: Poetry
Language: English
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No. of Words: 6595
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  • Royalty
  • love
  • envy
  • loyalty
  • pain
  • king
  • queen

When the going gets tough for Kings and Queens, their royalty pride ensures they never give up and look to create a way out of nothing. ‘In A King’s Quarters’ takes a King’s journey through life under the microscope and sheds more light on his pain, struggles, happiness, resentment, and joy. A King will always overcome because of the council of his family, Chiefs (trusted ones), and the people. A King owes it to the people and himself to be the best he can be, and so do you. Because we are all royalties; Kings and Queens in our own rights.
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  • smithrahl In a King's Quarters My mind really pricks me from the intensity of your words which hit me to the soul. Soulful words. A magnificent compilation. I pray this book brings light and enlightenment to all who read it as it will to me. I promise

    Reply Oct 7, 2018 7:11:09 PM