inanna(every woman has her story)
By Debby Osa

About this book

When her widowed father told lonely, eleven year-old Barbara she was going to have a step-family, she was excited to have a full home again - unaware that it was the beginning of a journey filled with grief, betrayal and secrets… …a journey that would transform a wide-eyed, naive girl into the beautiful and ultimate femme-fatale, Inanna Philips. Now, years later, Inanna has it all: The perfect business - a Fortune 500 company; The perfect man - the dashing and wealthy Olabode Adekoya: And the perfect house - a gorgeous, sprawling mansion that’s the envy of the neighbourhood. Then, one day, she meets Joshua - and arrives home to find her beautiful mansion transformed into a damp, smelling forest infested with rotten trees and roaming wild animals… …and her perfect world unravels… Inanna is an intensely gripping and deeply emotional story of pain and secrets that keeps you captivated - and hurriedly turning its suspense-filled pages till the very end. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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