inside out: a ridiculous royal tale (gossip's tale #1) - adult on

About this book

Two monarchs from different kingdoms decide to switch their adult daughters with the hope that their inherent character problems would be curbed. Nkoyo, princess of Efik kingdom is so impetuous, she seems to rule over her parents, the real monarchs of the land. She is engaged to an equally arrogant prince, of Ibibio kingdom; and though they aren't in love, they share a mutual character of entitlement. Wofai is princess of Atam kingdom, and she's so unsure of herself as a woman, she feels threatened by the slightest things. And when she feels threatened, she screams, which is her only way of expressing her anger. Her brother, Onen, the prince and Heir of Atam kingdom, supports his parents to send her to the other kingdom. What his parents fail to tell him, is that another princess, way worse than his sister was coming their way and they were suppose to change her for good. Will this ridiculous situation save two princesses from themselves? The spirit of gossip is the narrator of this tale. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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