jobless musings
By dada olowo eyo

About this book

SHORT ENOUGH to keep you engaged, and long enough to not bore you to pieces. THE BOOK is light and fresh on the eye, also easy on the mind. You find freeform expression of a youngling coursing through the vicissitudes of this earth and trying, as much as possible, not be drowned out by the noise of over seven billion plus humanoids traversing the globe. JOBLESS MUSINGS is a collection of my thoughts from the time when idleness was the only job I had. WRITING FREED me from boredom of joblessness and allowed me lose myself in productive enterprise, of sorts. THE PERIOD was during NYSC and the lacuna between the end of Youth Service and getting my first mainstream job. It's interesting how setbacks uncover hidden talents otherwise untapped in the blind state of hustling for daily bread. MY MUSINGS come to me free, so I give to humanity free. But if you're so moved to pay a token, oh, why not! JUST GET in touch with the guys at Okada Books and mention Dada Olowo Eyo: Jobless Musings and forward your kind donations :) :) :) YOU CAN find me on twitter | instagram | facebook | googleplus | hello poetry == search: dada olowo eyo MAY THE FORCES BE WITH YOU. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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