joy without religion: how to be happy without religious belief
By Ayo Deji

About this book

Growing up in Nigeria, a religiously conservative country, the idea of leaving religion was totally out of the question for me. So, ten years ago, when I came to the realization that I had lost all faith, I was overwhelmed with feelings of guilt and anxiety and a depression that would last for over 5 years. Losing the support of friends and family as well as being overwhelmed by the fear of hellfire and brimstone meant that my life quality was strongly diminished. Today, however, after immersing myself in Stoic philosophy, I have overcome these negative feelings and my heart is filled to the brim with pure joy. With this short book, I hope to provide you with my story as well as my own ideas about how to live a happy, fulfilling life, without the burden of religious dogma. Oftentimes people think that happiness and atheism/agnosticism are mutually exclusive, but this is simply an inaccurate idea that has been promulgated within society. You can be completely happy without a belief in God or the supernatural. One of the main themes of this book is the Stoic idea of acceptance: acceptance of our limited knowledge with regards to our existence as well as an acceptance of whatever may befall us in the course of our lives. Most unhappiness and dissatisfaction stems from an unwillingness to accept things for what they are and a strong desire to change things that are out of our control. I've read the works of the ancient Stoics and in as few pages as possible, I've attempted in this book to distill their ideas in a way that's easy to understand and that can serve as a nice introduction to Stoicism for the irreligious person. If this book manages to provide the reader with the tools to obtaining a happy mind outside religion, then my job is complete. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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