kika & chioma, the good hair merchants uncovers their journey to building a multi-million hair-mpire
By TW Magazine (April/May Edition)

About this book

TW’s April/May Edition is a celebration of the incredible feats achieved by young, daring and ambitious women. Sitting pretty on our cover is the good hair duo Kika and Chioma. To the uninformed conservative mind, Chioma and Kika might appear frivolous and vain, but look beyond that and you will find uncommon intelligence and positive ambition. They share their journey to building one of the biggest hair empires this side of the Atlantic, the lessons they have learnt along the way and their bold ambition to take the good hair brand global. After all, good hair days make us believe we can rule the world. Dreams come alive in our fashion pages this month; winners from our #todayswoman campaign get the transformation of their lives as they model select pieces. This edition also features inspiring interviews with the likes of soon to be doctor cum actress and rave of the moment Jemima Osunde along with the 26-year-old mother of over 25 children – Seyi Oluyole; a shero of the highest order. It doesn’t get any bolder than this. So hair’s to you - the young, the daring and the ambitious. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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