kiss by moonlight
By TM David-West

About this book

“Steal a kiss under the moonlight and win a beau.” That was what the True Love Zodiac Readings said, and hyped on alcohol and a blistering temper, Zinny grabs a man out of the partying crowd and plants a solid one on his bemused lips. Then she walks away… to sleep off a whack night. At least, so she thinks. But she’s having a rethink when the man she kissed is standing in front of her, in her home premises, and he’s going nowhere as he’s now her newly-moved in neighbour. It’s tough times for usually impulsive and desperate-to-find-love Zinny as she to learn to think with her head and not with her emotions. *** Will she win herself true love… or just more trouble? *** KISS BY MOONLIGHT: a short romance novella. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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