knowing god's will for marriage
By Ocholi Okutepa

About this book

I have not met anyone who wants to make a mistake in their choice of a life partner. As believers, we want to make sure that our decision is both sensible and spiritual. We also want to ensure that our future is secure based on the decision we made. This has led to a situation where single people want to know and be in God’s will. The understanding is that being in ‘God’s will’ is being in the secure place and ensuring that mistakes do not happen. The pursuit of ‘God’s will’ in this sense has led to many questions, chief of which is ‘how to know God’s will’ or how to be in God’s will. Indeed, God has a will in every matter including the subject of who to get married to. However, many people have totally missed the point as to how God gets involved in the issue of marriage. In this book, I take a look at the common misconceptions about hearing from God. I particularly take a look at different ways by which many have tried to be led by God and examine these forms of hearing God through scriptures. I examine the inner witness, inner voice, audible voice, dreams, visions, trances and third party voices such as Parents, Pastors and Prophets. In conclusion, I examine the place of hearing God vis-à-vis making a decision. I believe that as you read through this book, you will find clarity. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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