laraba (vampires. werewolves. witches.)
By Anthony Temiloluwa Kenny

About this book

Laraba is an epic romance story that revolved around two main characters who belonged to two main opposing groups. The Lamiae who were the vampires and the Larabas who sought to protect the werewolves. Zedicus, the god of mountain and destiny destined Jamal, a medical doctor to become the last hope of the vampires (Lamiae) while he also chose Tamara, a comely single mother of one who worked as an ordinary office assistance in the Laraba's council to become the last hope of the werewolves. (Larabas) Through some circumstances, Jamal and Tamara crossed part and fell in love with each other. And even, little did Tamara know that Jamal was actually Khalid; the father of her only daughter whom she also thought was long dead. But eventually, when Jamal and Tamara finally met and fell so deeply in love. DESTINY HAD TO TEAR THEM APART. SOMETHING THAT JAMAL COULD NOT ACCEPT. HOW STRONG WAS THEIR LOVE? Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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