laws of royalty.
By Firdausi Yahya Muhammad

About this book

Copyright 2022© All Rights Reserved. Aria Tayyu Safwan, a twenty four year old Turk came to Nigeria under unfortunate circumstances. Despite having a dark past and more skeletons in her closet than anyone else in her family, she took pride in being a lawyer more than anything. After all, she's not a big shot lawyer for nothing. What awaits her in Hadewa though? Aali Bin Bello II, Crown Prince and soon to be Calipha of Hadewa Caliphate had been away from home for so long. And when he returns, he didn't expect the problems that keeps sprouting out of nowhere threatening his position as the next Calipha. Or did he? Set in the Sovereign Caliphate of Northern Nigeria, in between unraveling secrets buried for decades and facing enemies long made, a battle for power continues, a quest for love begins, and a story of betrayal like never before. Will Law prevail along with Royalty? Or would both lose? By Ferdeausee. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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