leading right: nigeria
By I. Philip Ejiofor

About this book

Leading Right: Nigeria explores the requisites for an ideal democratic governance system for Nigeria. It examines challenging leadership issues and proffers solutions to building strong democratic institutions through accountability, the rule of law and the active participation and engagement of citizens, civil society organizations and the media etc., in all our political processes. It highlights the need for proper and effective oversight functions by the Legislature, monitoring of projects and programs by citizens and civil society groups to ensure transparency, following the money and challenging the executive to account on all governance issues. The book contains thought provoking nuggets of leadership wisdom and ideas that explores what it takes to make leadership impactful and successful in a culturally diverse society like Nigeria. It suggests new and inclusive governance and socio-economic development principles from the academia, seasoned professionals and experts on viable administrative structures, dynamic strategies and implementation principles that must lead to fulfilling the needs of Nigeria’s teeming population based on sustainable socio-economic structure and ideals that will ensure that no one is oppressed or left behind from benefitting from government policies, especially after the 2019 general elections, if a reasonable portion of the recommendations in this book is taken to heart by Nigerians within and outside the administrative structure. This book is a compelling read for a new Nigeria devoid of social, ethnic and religious sentiments. Grab a copy, read it, vote right and see a new Nigeria.

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