let girls dream - the relationship manual for singles & married
By Patience May Onaolapo

About this book

Why did she say yes? …It seemed like the right place to find love; it was the next big life accomplishment on the check list. She felt it might actually be her last shot at finding someone who wants to be with her and moving slowly meant losing another opportunity. Wait a minute, could it be the preying eyes of meddlers counting the tick tock of the clock for her sake or was she just scared of being alone? If you were to choose a life partner, would it be because of one or more of these reasons? Have you also found yourself in that situation; where fear, worries and uncertainty grips your heart over choosing someone to be with? How shocking and unfair is it to fall victim of several forms of abuse and heartbreak, just because you trusted someone you loved and gave him your heart? How then is it possible for men and women to dream of a perfect relationship and see their dreams come true? A dream of great relationships and happy marriages. Or should you remain constantly shut down by people, the society, religion, family or even by yourself? In this book, Patience May gives a ray of light; a guide for the now and a compass for the future. This book will show you how your relationship fantasies can become your future reality, how to be financially independent, attract the perfect partner and how to be one. You would become aware of relationship deal breakers and how to recognise true love so as to guide and guard your heart. Every man needs to understand what great women look out for in relationships and how to walk and work accordingly. Inside the pages of ‘Let Girls Dream’ are guides for men and what they must have to be great lovers and what they must also look out for before settling for a woman to have a jolly love life with. We are in a time where social media and the internet has taken the responsibility of parents on training a child. At the end of the day, these children grow and start their own families or enter into leadership positions and begin to negatively impact the world, contributing also to the numerous broken homes the world is currently experiencing. Parents can truly not give what they don’t have, no matter how large their hearts are. Hence, this book will help you know how to train your children from an early stage in order to imbibe in them the right attitudes, principles and values that will add to their relational and life skills. You are not too young or old to dream a new dream. Life is full of beauty; Dreams do come true! Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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