let the guns speak
By Larry Sun

About this book

Tobi and Abubakar are sworn enemies, but they have one thing in common – they are both killers. Now the two men are after each other’s lives. Tobi believes Abubakar is behind the death of his wife – he is out for revenge. Abubakar, too, believes Tobi has killed his brother – he wants retribution. When men are after Tobi’s life for saving a woman who has been marked for death, Abubakar has to step in and protect his number one enemy – he wants Tobi’s death to come from him. The two killers eventually realise that they are neck-deep in a political conspiracy and manipulations. They must save themselves from killers and uncover the mystery of the Red Paper first, then turn against each other for the ultimate retribution. But there is a more brutal killer on the loose. His name is Khan. He has one unique mission: Tobi and Abubakar must die. The two marked men must do everything to save their lives. But nothing is ever as it seems. There are powerful people pulling the strings of disaster, and these two are merely puppets in something dark and evil. And with brutal violence and deaths, only the strong will survive when the guns speak. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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