letter to my brother as he goes off to college
By Aminu Bappa

About this book

A time comes in every parent’s life when their child begins preparations to leave home for a tertiary institution in the quest for knowledge and parents are tasked with the responsibility of having a heart to heart talk with their children. It is rather unfortunate that after the preparations, most of these talks never take place. With all these thoughts running through my mind, I grabbed a pen and a jotter and sat down to start making up for the missed opportunities. I began writing what I believe my younger brother needs to know about life, about college, about success and about the future. So this is a letter to my younger brother as he goes off to college, a letter he will never get to read. But I sincerely hope that brothers around the world going off to college find value in it. This letter I believe is a perfect present that should be given to any child as he begins college. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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