lie to me, dan
By Longrin Wetten

About this book

Here's a tale like no other. Check out what critics are saying about Lie to Me, Dan >>==> No recent novel does a more powerful job of capturing the day to day lives of Nigerian university students than Longrin Wetten’s debut novel “Lie to me Dan” - Zainab Quadri, >>==> Lie To me, Dan by Longrin Wetten is brilliantly written; it captures almost perfectly, the activities in a regular Nigerian university and transforms it into a beautiful romance story embedded with strong morals. - Majemite Wategire, Bella Naija >>==> Lie to Me, Dan by Longrin Wetten is an interesting story full of many twists and turns. It was an exciting read and hard to put down because there was always something happening to keep me turning the pages. I enjoyed the suspenseful edge this book provided. - Christine Watson, >>==> The author takes us through familiar scenes more than a few of us can identify with; the hot headed chase of a man longing for a woman, the woman’s initial stubbornness and defenses, and then the much awaited breaking point. But Longrin Wetten’s breaking point stretches longer than a point … rather, it is a twisted maze of betrayal, lies, accusations and a sad gruesome death! - Nimide Ogbeun, >>==> Get a free preview here: Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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