lie to me, dan - act i
By Longrin Wetten

About this book

Here's a tale like no other. YOu will not want to drop this until you're finished!>>==> At seventeen, University student Marylyn Zhasa has it all planned out. She excels in her academics, and she is an honored member of The Flyers Club-a group devoted to grooming hard-driving students for the choicest careers, in her country of Nigeria and beyond. She's ambitious and unafraid, and no worthless boy is going to get in her way. When she meets Dan, she immediately brushes him off. Yes, he's handsome; he looks more like a celebrity on vacation than a student going to class. He has earned himself the nickname D-Man, a play on "demon," due to his ladies man reputation. However, something about Marylyn catches his eye, and he'll do anything to make her his girl. No stranger to men's attentions, Marylyn puts up her well-practiced defenses against Dan's unusual advances. Despite her fight, she ends up sucked into a fast-paced world of danger and uncertainty. All her careful plans seem spun to the wind as her unexpected romantic passion leads her down a path that could end in destruction and death. >>==> Get the complete story here: Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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