life as i see it: meditations of a universalist, volume one
By Charles Ojochide Vincent

About this book

In the Life As I See It: Meditations of A Universalist series, Charles Ojochide Vincent (Chaojovin) presents to the reader "meditations" born of deep philosophical reflections and metaphysical research done from a nondenominational Universalist worldview. Each "meditation" focuses on a particular subject of profound relevance to the human experience of being. There are pages containing "meditations" on such subjects as God, atheism, agnosticism, sex/sexual intercourse, death, spirit/soul, love, religion, marriage, heaven and hell, unity and oneness, healing, the self, prayer, beauty, peace, evil and good, stillness, the law of karma, spiritual awakening, cosmology, time, yin-yang balance, faith, the power of the spoken word, the Divine Masculine and Feminine principles of Creation, power, self-mastery, perfection, forgiveness, spiritual growth, giving and receiving, the human body, male and female, gender equality, relationships, the power of thought, self-image, sexual energy, the elements, friendship, self-knowledge/realization, family, Mother Earth, salvation, amongst others. This book contains profound spiritual wisdom which will greatly aid you in your soul growth. With each "meditation", the author invites you to see life as he sees it, and hopes that you will profit from what you "see" in his mirrors of spiritual cum metaphysical meditation. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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