like whirlwind (the teaser version)
By Feyi Aina

About this book

Tomiwa Oyinlolu is the successful CEO of Purple Chip Professional Services, the IT company that everyone wants to work for. One day he meets an amazingly, exuberant girl in the elevator of his building on the way up to his office. He is immediately mesmerized by her but she has no idea who he is. The next day he is shocked to find her walk into the oral interview panel seeking for a position as a programmer in his company, after having scored top marks in their written interview. He finds however that she is related to the owner of One Tech, a small time IT company bidding for the same job as they are. Worse still, his sister has placed a spy in their company to sabotage all their efforts, and she won't let him hire her. The problem is, it seems he has fallen in love with her. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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