love brain clan
By Sally Kenneth Dadzie

About this book

When Amaka attends her ex-boyfriend's wedding to prove to everyone that she has gotten over him, she doesn't expect him to drag her back into his life by mentioning her name at the altar, instead of his wife-to-be's. The wedding is called off and Amaka now has to choose between taking him back or moving on with her life. Things don't get easy for her as her friends and sisters feel like he's the best to ever happen to her.  Love Brain Clan isn't just about Amaka and her choices. Her circle of friends and the men that affect their existences are also thrown into the mix. It is a page-turning book of multiple love lives and complex relationships. Set in Lagos, Nigeria, Fish Brain Clan explores the multi-faceted issues that arise in relationships in modern times. It is filled with unexpected twists and marked in interwoven strands which are mostly set in the present. It is bound to make you laugh, cry, oooh and aaah all the way to the last page. Loved by thousands online, Fish Brain Clan is a must read. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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