love pour over me - adult only (18+)
By Denise Turney

About this book

LOVE POUR OVER ME ROMANCE NOVELS: ✔Classic African American Christian romance novels rich with mystery, love and suspense, edgy mid-life page turner ✔Tortured hero romance novel ✔Shocking ending! LOVE POUR OVER ME - REWARDING ROMANCE NOVEL Raymond is the only one from his neighborhood to make it out, to rise above poverty. He is a gifted, loving African American man. Women adore him. He's a relentless sports champion, a regular in Sports Illustrated. He's also terrified. He's pushed over the cliff of fear early as an only child growing up in a home with a bullying, alcoholic father. Raymond and his alcoholic father live alone in West Dayton, the toughest part of the city. Nothing short of faith, love and inspiration can save Raymond. Being forced together and belonging together are two different sides of their risky relationship. This reckless father, son bond reaches a head after four men enter Raymond's life, creating haunting secrets that take readers on a suspenseful, emotional page turning ride through Center City Philadelphia, the rugged mountains of Tennessee and the eastern shore of Africa. Amid it all, is an unsuspecting love that comes through Raymond's soul mate, Brenda, a naive yet deeply loving, witty and courageous African American woman. Yet, there are secrets. After all, for Raymond, the stakes of truth are high, higher than the threat of prison. And, so Raymond has to run. He has to hide. But, is it enough? And will Raymond's desperate attempts to avoid love threaten to keep him from the only woman he's ever truly loved, the woman he was born to love. Find out if love, romance, faith and inspiration are really enough. Get your copy of Love Pour Over Me today. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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