By Nky Omeka

About this book

Elohor is not looking for love or a relationship; she’s only aspiring to become a future Olympic gold medalist. Not even a proposal from the rich and extravagant ladies’ man, Odafe Odiete, is going to make her change her mind. A sudden betrayal by a close friend pushes her into the arms of Ifeanyi Udeh, the cool and stylish one, and then everything changes. Elohor falls in love with one of them and begins a relationship with him but the other guy wouldn’t lie low. Soon, she discovers things about him that she can’t stomach, forcing her to believe she’s made a huge mistake about him. Heartbroken, stranded, and in hot water, Elohor has nowhere to go. Her only option is to call the one she feels is the right guy. Will the one she feels is right for her be willing to accept another man’s child? Read this intriguing romance novel for all the drama, suspense, love and passion. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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